3D configurator - Watch
3D configurator


Gold watch clock in several variations, configurable


Interactive 3D assembly instructions
Interactive 3D assembly instructions


Photovoltaic installation system PMT EVO 2.0 EW - Interactive 3D assembly instructions


3D Product simulation - Spotlights & downlights
3D Product simulation

Spotlights & downlights

Concept simulation for intelligent lighting solutions


3D configurator - EBike
3D configurator


EBike in different variants and colors, individually configurable


Interactive product simulation with CAD – online, secure and high-performance

Provision of very large amounts of data with the TRImachine CAD Online Converter.

use your CAD data for innovative online marketing. We use various types of 3D models as a basis for our visualisations, which are fine-tuned down to the last detail. 3D designs created in common CAD systems such as AutoCAD, CATIA, Rhino, PTC Creo Parametric (formerly Pro/Engineer), Solid Works, IntelliCAD and so on have proved particularly successful. CAD software can be used to create 3D models that simplify the product development process and come very close to the appearance and functionality of the final product.


Visualisation of very large amounts of data, CAD data for innovative online marketing

CAD data can be used to great effect in online marketing. This is where the logic behind CAD models, which is determined by the design, comes into play. This is used to create a realistically functioning image of the product.

Fast, flexible and secure with the TRImachine CAD Online Converter

CAD data forms part of the product development process. Its extreme detail makes it the ideal basis for impressive visualisations. Providing online CAD data is therefore a particular challenge. With the CAD Converter from TRImachine, 3D data is reduced using modern data compression and entropy reduction methods and displayed in the visitor's browser via our online viewer.

CAD data is converted to an extremely small, scrambled format for online display whereby the 3D data retains its original structure (detail and hierarchy). 3D data from non-public projects can also be encrypted if required. This means that the project can only be accessed online by the logged-in user (owner). All originally uploaded CAD data is completely deleted from our servers after being converted.

In this type of lossy deployment, 3D data loses its geometric precision outside the visually visible area. This makes this type of data preparation particularly suited presentation in browsers. Whether or not this loss is pernitted can be switched on or off depending on the security requirement or the requirements in terms of the accuracy of the CAD data.

The benefits of CAD

CAD designs have particular advantages over other 3D modelling techniques. CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is intended for the design of functional, mechanically-operational objects. CAD creation programs are technical tools that are used as part of the product development process. This means that CAD data is widely available.

The geometry of CAD data is controlled by mathematically defined curves or surfaces (NURBS) rather than a subdivided mesh (polygon mesh: a mesh consisting of individual points connected to triangles). As a result, CAD data does not have a fixed "resolution" – a suitable analogy can be drawn with grid and vector graphics. The great advantage of this characteristic of CAD data is the ability to downscale its complexity purely mathematically, i.e. geometrically "clean" for high-performance online representation.


Your CAD data can do more online than traditional visual media because interactive 3D product visualisations enable visitors to your company website to zoom in on details of your products online, directly in the browser, to expand them as they wish, to view them from all sides and to test how they work virtually.


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