3D ring configurator
3D Ring Configurator

Interactive 3D simulation

Special edition in 2 variants


3D carport configurator
3D Carport Configurator

Interactive 3D Configurator

Carport in 6 sizes and 2 wood variants, with and without solar roof


3D car configurator
3D car configurator

Virtual Showroom / Virtual Fair

Interactive 3D car configurator


3D assembly instructions
Interactive 3D assembly instructions


Photovoltaic mounting system PMT EVO 2.0 EW - Interactive 3D mounting instructions


The most compact 3D format on the World Wide Web

Reduction of extensive data sets to the absolute minimum

The challenges in achieving high-performance rendering of CAD data in the browser are diverse, stemming from their complexity and size. To ensure a seamless and interactive user experience in the browser, a combination of computational power, an optimized 3D format, and pronounced interactivity is required.

Fast, flexible and secure – the 3D Format

The used 3D format allows the reduction of 3D data through state-of-the-art data compression and entropy reduction techniques. Using our online viewer, the optimized data is quickly loaded and rendered in the user's browser with high performance.

For online presentation, CAD data is converted into an extremely compact 3D format, retaining the original structure of the 3D data, including granularity and hierarchy. In the case of non-public projects, the 3D data can also be encrypted, ensuring access is restricted to the logged-in user (owner). All uploaded 3D / CAD data is promptly deleted from our servers after conversion.

In this data-reduced delivery, the geometric precision of 3D data is sacrificed beyond the visually perceptible range. This type of data preparation is particularly suitable for browser display. The lossiness can be selectively activated or deactivated based on individual security needs or requirements for the precision of 3D / CAD data.

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