Online platform for interactive, browser-based (WebGL) 3D visualization and Augmented Reality (AR).

With TRImachine, you can create interactive 3D product presentations and configurators.


3D model

Various 3D formats

Complex CAD data | 3D models from Max, Maya, Blender, etc. | Photogrammetry, 3D scans

3D-Modell hochladen und konvertieren


Conversion of 3D data

Online conversion and compression of your 3D data (down to 1.5% starting from the OBJ format) | Different image resolutions for desktop and mobile | Optimal loading times

3D Konfigurator / 3D Simulation funktional gestalten


Visual and functional aspects (establishing interactivity)

Materials, Textures, Cameras, Lighting, Shadows, Backgrounds, Post-processing | Hierarchies and pivot points | States & animations | Custom interface

3D Konfigurator / 3D Simulation veröffentlichen

Deployment online

Final presentation in the standard browser

On all desktop computers | On modern mobile phones (iOS & Android) | Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

White Label 3D Service - Launch Your own 3D SaaS.

Your Business Model, our Technology.

Our innovative solution offers you the latest technology in the 3D service and Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. With our White Label approach, you can create your own customized 3D service offerings and provide high-quality solutions to your customers.

TRImachine Standard Viewer, tailored to Your Needs

Are you already familiar with the TRImachine Standard Viewer? We are happy to customize it to meet your specific requirements. Or do you need a completely tailored solution? If your needs are so unique that our existing modules are insufficient, we will simply develop custom modules for you and integrate them into our viewer.

Your 3D SaaS under Your Logo (100% White Label)

With our technical support, you can leverage the technological diversity of TRImachine and offer your own service under your logo. We take care of the technical backend, provide servers, and maintain them. Additionally, we offer a dedicated conversion server to transform your 3D data into our secure and highly compressed 3D format, with size reductions of up to 98.5% starting from the OBJ format.

Subscription Payment System and Website Development

Our service also includes a subscription payment system and the creation and implementation of a customized website in line with your corporate identity.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support your project.

TRImachine supports the user through all the necessary steps (from the upload of the 3D data to displaying it in the browser) and reduces technically complex decisions to a few clicks. Ready-made modules and extensions provide the user with easy-to-use solutions for the provision of interactively operable 3D content. There are extensions for many use-cases, which already meet the requirements of the corresponding projects. Furthermore, individual expansions are possible at any time.

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A brief overview

TRImachine can read and further process your hierarchically structured 3D or CAD data. This way, the logic inherent to the model's construction is utilized to create a realistically functioning representation of the product.

The foundation consists of 3D models from all common 3D software programs in various 3D formats – intricate/hierarchical CAD data, 3D models from Max, Maya, Blender, etc., as well as photogrammetry, 3D scans, etc.

Due to their level of detail, CAD data serves as the ideal basis for impressive visualizations.

Step 1: Upload & Conversion

Compression of 3D data to approximately 2% (OBJ format) and conversion of textures into different image resolutions (for desktop and mobile).

Step 2: Design - Visual and Functional

Visual - Realistic Representation: Materials, Textures, Cameras, Lighting, Shadows, Backgrounds, Post-processing, Hierarchies, and Pivot Points.

Functional - Establishing Interactivity: Pre-made modules and extensions provide users with ready-to-use and user-friendly solutions for delivering interactively operable 3D content. For many use cases, there are extensions that already meet the requirements of the respective projects. Custom extensions are also possible at any time. >>