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By using interactive 3D assembly instructions, the effort for customers and employees can be visibly reduced. CAD data plays a decisive role here, because it is part of the product development process. Due to their richness in detail, they form the basis for realistic-looking, interactive 3D assembly instructions.

Interactive 3D assembly instructions: Flat roof east-west photovoltaic mounting system

PMT EVO 2.0 EW – Simple. Flexible. Safe. As a photovoltaic mounting system, the PMT EVO 2.0 EW is the ideal solution for flat roofs with an east-west solar panel alignment. With the PMT EVO 2.0 EW, PMT delivers safety and quality along with fast installation times and cost effectiveness.

PMT (PremiumMountingTechnologies) specializes in aerodynamic substructures for complex roof and carport systems. Its know-how and outstanding engineering achievements are figureheads for the company. This is the reason why PMT chose to use TRImachine to prominently feature detailed interactive 3D assembly instructions as well as simple representations of its products as 3D models on the company's website.

TRImachine demonstrated during the relaunch of PMT's website how companies can effectively use their 2D graphics and 3D models for modern marketing and sales promotion.

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