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High-quality 3D online- configurators & simulations

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TRImachine - 3D Agency & Online Service for interactive, browser-based 3D Simulations and Augmented Reality (AR)

We create interactive 3D product presentations, 3D-instructions & configurators

3D configurator - Watch
Jewelry and accessories

3D product visualization

Men's watch with metal bracelet in several variations


Interactive 3D car configurator
Virtual Showroom / Virtual Fair

3D car configurator

Interactive 3D car configurator - configurable rims and colors, multiple settings


Interactive 3D assembly instructions
Interactive 3D assembly instructions


Photovoltaic mounting system PMT EVO 2.0 EW - Interactive 3D assembly instructions


3D configurator - E-Bike
3D configurator


E-Bike in different variants and colors, individually configurable


Use your 3D / CAD models for innovative product online marketing

CAD data can be used to great effect in online marketing. This is where the logic behind CAD models, which is determined by the design, comes into play. This is used to create a realistically functioning image of the product.

Platform-independent 3D online visualisation

TRImachine is based on WebGL which means that it runs in all online and browser-enabled devices.

All TRImachine projects can be integrated into any website, allowing them to achieve online the greatest possible reach.

They can be displayed on normal screens and mobile devices, but also in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

3D Simulation
3D Simulation

3D Simulation

For demonstrating how your product works and what makes it special >>

Interactive product presentation | Interactive installation & 3D assembly instructions, virtual operating instructions | Production planning and quality assurance

3D Configurator
3D Configurator

3D Configurator

For setting and displaying (configuring) the variable options available for your product

Design and assembly variations | Equipment variants and combinations

Sales tool
3D online Sales tool

3D online Sales tool

As an interactive online sales tool for your website or sales representatives

For technical installations and devices: furniture, household appliances, solar and wind systems, cars, motorcycles, carports, garden equipment, etc.

Virtual tour
Virtual tour

Virtual tour

For barrier-free visits no matter where or when

Interactive showrooms | Virtual exhibitions, specialist trade fairs | Galleries, museums | Architecture & Property

Remote control features - 3D cloud streaming – Data security

Presentation options for a secure and high-performance 3D online marketing

Remote control features

The remote control function lets you online control the visualisation of another participant in a meeting.

3D cloud streaming

Increased security for your data: if you are not permitted to publish your 3D data online, e.g. for legal reasons, the display can also be in the form of a digital pixel stream.


Modern AES 256 bit project encryption of your projects alongside individual password protection for single projects

TRImachine guides users through all the necessary steps (from uploading the 3D data to displaying it in the browser) and reduces technically-complex decisions to just a few clicks.

This is how it works
3D model

3D model

Different 3D formats

hieraric CAD data | 3D models from Max, Maya, Blender etc. | Photogrammetry, 3D scans

Upload 3D model


Conversion of 3D data

Conversion and compression of your 3D data (3-5% for OBJ files) | Different image resolutions for desktop and mobile | Optimal loading times

3D Configurator / 3D Simulation functional design


Visual and functional (create interactivity)

Materials, textures, cameras, lights, shadows, backgrounds, postprocessing | Hierarchies and pivots | States & animations | Custom interface

Publish 3D Configurator / 3D Simulation

Publish online

Final presentation in standard browser

On all desktop computers | On modern mobile phones (IOS & Android) | Virtual reality (VR) & Augmented reality (AR)

We can present your products interactively on your website.

Ready-to-use or DIY

With the TRImachine standard viewer, material and scene settings can be adjusted both quickly and easily. The entire scene can be saved in different states and played back as an animation.

A range of other requirements can be addressed with our standard extensions.

Talk to us. We can present your products interactively on your website. But you can also do everything yourself or customise your material independently.

3D Agency & Online Service for interactive 3D Visualization and Augmented Reality

Show interactive 3D data online / in the browser

CAD models for innovative product online marketing

All 3D data is converted into a special, very small 3D online format for a secure and high-performance display. All uploaded 3D data is deleted from our servers after being converted. >> Online 3D Converter

Product simulations in 3D that are available online and 24/7 make an enormous contribution to better product understanding and therefore form part of innovative and successful product marketing, high levels of user-friendliness and modern customer service.

With TRImachine, you can upload your 3D data independently, make it interactive and generate "talking" 3D online product presentations from static 3D data. The interactive simulation of products reaches a very large target group online and therefore forms an important part of a good 3D online marketing strategy.

A selection of current projects

3D Simulation - 3D Anleitung - FLAT DIRECT PMT 12-2021 - interaktive 3D Online Simulation mit TRImachine

3D Simulation - 3D Anleitung - FLAT DIRECT PMT 12-2021

3D Konfigurator - E Bike - interaktive 3D Online Simulation mit TRImachine

3D Konfigurator - E Bike

Diamantring - Konfigurator - 04.2023 - interaktive 3D Online Simulation mit TRImachine

Diamantring - Konfigurator - 04.2023

3D Konfigurator - Montageanleitung - Carport - interaktive 3D Online Simulation mit TRImachine

3D Konfigurator - Montageanleitung - Carport

Virtuelle Autoshow - VR Showroom 04.2023 - interaktive 3D Online Simulation mit TRImachine

Virtuelle Autoshow - VR Showroom 04.2023

3D Simulation - Strahler - interaktive 3D Online Simulation mit TRImachine

3D Simulation - Strahler

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